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Shopify Website Design Template.


This is for the bosses that want to do it themselves! Designed for boutique owners; retail, women’s & men’s clothing. Easily customizable and super easy to use. The step-by-step guide created by a professional website designer. 


You May View The Test Site Here:
Use code: 360demo


Have you been searching for a DIY website solution? Don’t want to spend hours editing a website? Want something you can customize within short periods of time? Wave bye-bye to thousands of youtube tutorials and wave hello to the professional website template, designed for Shopify. 


This professional Shopify Website Theme has neutral tones and a boutique like aesthetic. While this layout will be sold to others; it’s unique design will look one of a kind with your brand personality, product photos and logos. This website design can only be used on Shopify.


The Need to Know: 
This template require NO coding? All banners can be edited in Shopify, only one banner needs to be edited in Canva, and colors+fonts are all in the customizer. Want to match the colors to your brand, swap it out with the images and colors that you’d like. 


Website Template includes: Home Page, About Page, Shop All, 4 Collections/Categories, Contact Page, Step-by-Step Guide.


This Shopify Website template is truly made for you to drag and drop and drop and drag, much easier for you to customize. 


Why choose The Design Studio?
* Boutique tailored banners
* Fill-in About Sections
* Customized to Wix Editor
* Built by a Professional Website Designer
* Trendy designs
* Easily Customizable 
* Step-by-Step Guide to use the website

After purchase, You will receive an email with the following information:
* A ZIP file containing the customized Shopify theme (instructions included in the installation guide)

* A PDF file with the installation guide

* The banner template guide to Canva


Refund Policy
ALL SALES ARE FINAL! To ensure that you can successfully utilize the website template, I’ve provided a step-by-step guide for you. You may contact me via email if you have any questions or concerns:


*** Would you like direct help with installing your website? You can purchase a website tutorial here:    


Shopify DIY Boutique Website Template | Ready to Build

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